How to Buy Bitcoin:

Understand that you do not need to buy a whole Bitcoin to start. Do not be intimidated by the price point of a Bitcoin. Buy a fraction that you can afford today and no more. As little as $40 USD is an OK starting point for our best program if that is what your budget can handle. That is all you need to start.

To acquire BTC you will need to setup and account with an Exchange. In Canada we recommend Shakepay. This is where you can convert your CDN currency to Bitcoin. Go to Shakepay.  Set up an account and buy the Bitcoin you want with e-transfer. Most countries have Crypto Currency exchanges that you can research. In the US we recommend Uphold. We will help you with this in your Country and more.  Set Up a Private One-on- One with Us Here.

Also remember the you use the same process in reverse to change your BTC back to cash.

Next step is to Set up a personal Bitcoin (BTC) Wallet.

A BTC Wallet is like your bank account. Just like setting up a chequing and savings account but with no monthly fees.

Just like paper money, you can carry it with you in your digital wallet or leave it in a vault. The most popular wallet is one set up on your cell phone. We recommend a company called Mycelium. For a full description of wallets in our Free E-Book. We will teach you about this in our One-on-One sessions. Set Up a Private One-on-One with Us Here!

How to Receive BTC With a Wallet

You will use this function, frequently we hope,

  • if you want to transfer Bitcoin from an Exchange or from another wallet you own, you will perform both the send and receive
  • If you are moving Bitcoin or Alt coin that you have earned from a business wallet to your private wallet
  • If you are being paid in Bitcoin for services, you will be on the receiving end only.

To receive Bitcoin is easy but be careful that you have a Bitcoin compatible wallet. For other Alt coins, you will need a wallet address for each type of coin.

In each case you will supply your public address key, found in your wallet, to the person or the Exchange or the other wallet, to allow them to transfer Bitcoin to you. It will look something like this. 31wAUioP6wu8MAdCam9zsQNV3DGkuaLnUH . By the way, that is my BTC wallet address. All tips and donations are welcome and appreciated. 🙂

Copy and paste your public wallet address it into a text or e-mail, secure in the knowledge that it can only be used to send funds to Your wallet. Nothing else! Remember that it can take 5-20 min. for the funds to transfer.

How to Send BTC From Your Wallet

You will use this function to:

  • Transfer your BTC to an Exchange to convert it to Cash to pay your bills!
  • Transfer your BTC to a passive mining/trading pool* to grow your holdings over time
  • Transfer BTC to an Exchange to support a Trading Account* to make more
  • Send BTC to a merchant or service provider in payment

To send Bitcoin from your private wallet to your Exchange wallet or to a Vendors’ wallet or to any other supplier of service or opportunity, all you need is THEIR public BTC address.

From your private wallet or from your Exchange wallet, go to SEND BTC, put in the amount of BTC exactly to the final decimal that you wish to send, Double Check before hitting the Send button and then take a pause and CHECK again. There is no reset or recovery if you screw up. Follow this rule and you will never lose your BTC. Hit send and in 5 -20 min. the transaction will complete and it can be checked on the Block Chain.

That’s all there is to it!