Crypto Currency Backed by Gold!

Karatbars International is a global e-commerce business focused on the mining, sales and distribution of % 999 Gold in the form of 1-5 gram bars, unique bills and now as support for a custom Crypto Currency.

Image depicting Karatbars Head Office in Germany

The companies eCommerce division was launched by Harald Seiz in 2011 with a very lucrative of sales and marketing program offered through affiliate marketing efforts.

Karatbars International is financially secure, debt-free, and fully self-funded with headquarters are located in Stuttgart, Germany with another office in Munich Germany.

Over the past 8 years, Karatbars International has expanded across 120 countries with plans to expand into over 194 countries worldwide. Karatbars has a goal to offer a logical, affordable and universal solution to the world’s debt and currency crisis through the purchase of its gold bars.

The Karatbars Business System operates like a well-structured Franchise. Lots of training and ongoing support in a well-known Brand and a very solid product line.

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