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26-yr-Old Forex Trader Disrupts the Currency Market with A.I.

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 30, 2019 / There are so many forex coaches on the internet who claim their training programs are the best. But if they’re so great, then how come only 10% of forex traders actually make money? You’d think there would be more successful forex traders if all these training […]

Crypto Fluctuates While Bitcoin Holds

There have been fluctuations in the crypto market, but bitcoin seems to be holding steady around the $9,600 mark. There are plenty of factors taken into consideration to help predict where bitcoin and other cryptocurrency will go next.   Crypto Markets See Mild Fluctuations Crypto markets are seeing mild fluctuations, mixed red and green, […]

Should You Be Buying Gold?

 Should you be buying more gold? Peter Schiff thinks so, and it has risen to six-year high in the past few months. Find out why you should take part: Peter Schiff: If You Understood What This Means, You Would Be Buying Gold as Fast as You Can Peter Schiff recently appeared on RT Boom […]


Let’s Look Into Bitcoin! June 25, 2019 Looking at Bitcoin   Why Everyone Should Own Some Piece of a Bitcoin Now! Bitcoin has gone from a little known, new technology to a mainstream currency option in just 10 years. It used to be difficult to purchase. But now there are plenty of people and digital platforms […]